Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

1. It is the objective of Cubavisa (registered with Dutch Chamber of Commerce under ‘VOF de Haseth’) to provide visa for Cuba, former and latter in the broadest sense possible.
2. Under these General Terms and Conditions Cubavisa also implies all employees working for Cubavisa.
3. Under these General Terms and Conditions Website is defined as: the website cubavisa.net.
4. Under these General Terms and Conditions, the Consumer is defined as: anyone who places an order through this website, or purchases products from Cubavisa in any other way.
5. Under these General Terms and Conditions Product is defined as: all products offered by Cubavisa.
6. Under these Terms and Conditions Registered User is defined as: anyone who creates an account on the Website.
7. Under these General Terms and Conditions, the term “Services” is defined as: all delivered products and services by Cubavisa and/or their contracted third parties to the Consumer, as well as all other activities, of any nature, executed on behalf of the client by Cubavisa within the framework of an assignment, which implies activities which aren’t performed on explicit request of the consumer.

2. Applicability of these General Terms and Conditions

1. These General Terms and Conditions are applicable on all offers and agreements in which Cubavisa offers or provides Products or Services. Deviations from this General Terms and Conditions are only valid when these are explicitly agreed upon in writing by Cubavisa.

3. The Agreement

1. All offers made on the Website are completely non-binding.
2. When the consumer places an order, a confirmation email will be send. Upon receipt of this email an agreement is established between the Consumer and Cubavisa. This agreement aims for the delivery of the order to the consumer.
3. If the Consumer is in doubt whether the visa will be provided to him as per the nationality of the Consumer, he should contact Cubavisa. If the Consumer fails to do so, Cubavisa will not be liable for any resulting damage.
4. If the Consumer needs a pink visa and is in doubt whether he complies to this legislation, he may contact Cubavisa to receive advice. No rights can ever be derived from the advice concerned.

4. Account

1. The Consumer may create a user account on the Website.
2. The registration form needs to be filled out completely and truthfully.
3. When a Registered User does not comply to these General Terms and Conditions, his account can be deactivated or deleted without any prior notification.
4. A Registered User is solely responsible for keeping his login credentials confidential and he himself is the only authorized user of his account.
5. A Registered User can be held liable by Cubavisa for all actions performed through his account, unless he cannot be held responsible due to abuse of his account.
6. As soon as a Registered User becomes aware of the fact that his account is being abused, he needs to report this to Cubavisa directly.

5. Costs and Payments

1. The prices are stated including Dutch VAT and shipping costs, unless mentioned explicitly.
2. Payment takes place by means we specify during the ordering process.
3. Without payment, no visa will be shipped. If no payment takes place within 30 days, the order will be canceled.
4. All mentioned prices are under reservation. Cubavisa reserves the right to change its prices without prior notification. These changes have no influence on orders already made, unless a clearly observable incorrect price has been showed.
5. In case of a clearly observable incorrect price, Cubavisa will not take on liability for the consequences thereof. Cubavisa will also not be bound to provide the ordered Products for any incorrect price.
6. If the consumer pays by credit card or iDeal, the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of the payment provider involved are applicable. Cubavisa advises the Consumer to read them prior to the use of these services.

6. Shipping and Delivery

1. Paid orders will be shipped on the same or ultimately the next working day.
2. As soon as the shipment has gone out, the Consumer receives a Track & Trace code to follow up on his order.
3. Shipping costs and delivery times can be found on the Website.
4. If an order gets lost or is received with damage, a suitable solution will be searched after.
5. If a situation as depicted in Article 6.4 occurs and the Consumer has chosen for an insured shipment, the Consumer directly receives a new Product.

7. Return Policy

1. Ordered Products, excluding visa with fill-out service, can be returned within 14 days upon receipt without specification of reason. If Cubavisa receives the Products in good condition, the full order amount will be refunded.
2. Products can only be returned in their original condition, i.e. if they are neither filled out nor folded and when they are not returned after their expiry.
3. The Consumer will bear the shipment cost of the return shipment.

8. Liability

1. Cubavisa cannot be held liable if the information provided on the Website is incorrect and the damage as a result thereof, unless it was caused deliberately or by conscious recklessness of Cubavisa or one of its employees.
2. Cubavisa shall never be held liable for damage, of any kind, caused by the incorrect information or incomplete data provided by the Consumer.
3. Cubavisa shall not be held liable for damage caused by orders which are not delivered in time because of force majeure.
4. If Cubavisa will still be held liable, it will only be liable for direct damage inflicted on, paid by or suffered by the Consumer due to a demonstrable lack of Cubavisa to fulfill its obligations regarding its services.
5. The liability implied in Article 8.4 is limited to the amount paid by the Consumer.

9. Cubavisa’s Identity

1. Cubavisa is registered by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) under number 27248395. Cubavisa owns the VAT-Identification number NL812631699B01. Moreover, Cubavisa is (statutory) seated at Burgemeester Elsenlaan 325 2282MZ, Rijswijk, The Netherlands.
2. Cubavisa can be reached through the Website and by phone at +31 70 2629474.

10. Applicable Law

1. The lawful relationship between Cubavisa and its clients shall be governed by Dutch law.
2. All disputes between Cubavisa and its Consumers will, in case they occur, be settled by the competent court of the Arrondissement The Hague.