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Blank pink Visa for Cuba

Blank pink Visa for Cuba


Visa/Tourist card for Cuba
Only valid if you travel from the US to Cuba

Visa is valid for one person. The visa has no expiration date.
Upon arrival in Cuba the visa is valid for 30 days.

  • Description
  • Travel from the US to Cuba


You will receive a blank pink visa. You need to fill in the necessary information yourself, therefor we do not need a copy of your passport.

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Traveling from the US to Cuba

If you travel to Cuba from the US you need to have the pink visa. Once you travel from the US to Cuba, all the US rules concerning traveling to Cuba apply to you. It is still not allowed to travel to Cuba as a tourist. This means you need to travel under one of the 11 accepted reasons. If you go back to the US after your trip to Cuba, it is possible US immigration will ask you question about your trip, to see if you held up to the accepted reason for traveling.

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