Order a blank visa/tourist card for Cuba

Order a blank visa/tourist card

Getting a visa for Cuba is not so easy. You must visit the Consulate of Cuba, which can take hours and everyone must be present. If you want to pick up a visa for someone else at the Consulate, you have to pay € 25 extra per visa for every absent person.

At CubaVisa you can get your visa cheap and without leaving your home. We sell blank visa which you need to fill in yourself, therefor you don’t even need to send us your passport.

How do I complete the visa?

See example below:

Buy visa/tourist card for Cuba

1: Your last name
2: You first names. Too much or long names and worried that it does not fit? Only your first name is enough
3: Your date of birth (dd / mm / yyyy )
4: Your passport number (on the top right on your passport)
5: You nationality, in english, spanish or as stated in your passport

The visa is easy to complete, but be careful while writing the information. It is not allowed to make any corrections on the visa!


Cuba visum stamp

The visa we sell come from the Cuban Consulate. The back of the visa is stamped with the logo of Cuba Incentives. As a DMC for Cuba we are allowed to buy blank visa in bulk. The visa with our stamp will be accepted in Cuba without any problems. Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information the visa is ready. There is nothing else you have to do.

We do not need any travel date or flight data. Once you enter Cuba your visa becomes valid for 90 days. If you wish to stay longer you can extend the visa in Cuba for a further 90 days.

Let us complete your visa

You can choose to let us complete the visa for € 5 per visa.

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